Why listing your home in the off-season gives you an advantage

Athens GA real estate home valuation
Everyone knows that the busy season in residential real estate is during Spring and Early Summer. It is a logical time to sell for a lot of folks because their kids are on summer break, and they can easily transition to a new school system over the summer.
But here’s what they don’t tell you- because EVERYONE lists during the busy season, the competition is fierce. If a buyer wants your neighborhood, you’re going to need to have either the best home on the market in there or the cheapest.
When you list during the Fall and Winter months, chances are you will likely be the only home in your subdivision on the market. When the market inventory is low, buyers can’t afford to be as choosy if they want your area. Your home also won’t have to limited by the neighbor’s pricing strategies and motivation for a quick sale.
Off-season buyers are typically more motivated to find and close on their home quickly. They are often driven by needing to change their children’s schools over winter break or wanting to close before the year’s end for tax purposes.
If you’re curious what your home could bring during the Fall and Winter months, get an instant analysis of  your area here. If you like what you see, contact us and we’ll schedule an appointment to have your home personally evaluated.

Author: Laura Flanders Real Estate

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