Find local homes with Athens Ga MLS search system

Learn which MLS systems you need to use to search for homes in Athens GA

Athens GA MLS real estate home search

Find local homes with Athens Ga MLS search system


Have you heard people use the term MLS when talking about homes for sale in Athens GA, but you aren’t sure what it means? Simply put, MLS stands for multiple listing service. The MLS is a database where real estate agents enter all the information about their listings. Depending on how in depth the listing agent is with their entry, the MLS can provide a lot of details about the property you are considering.

Many other sites get their information feed from the MLS. Any of the large home websites (you know the ones…) use their robots to auto-populate the info into their web pages. Since it is not a real live person entering the info, you will often find mistakes about crucial aspects like availability, pricing, and number of bedrooms.

The best way to avoid misinformation from these “other guys” is to have a real estate agent working directly for you. In the Athens GA area, realtors can set you up on search alerts to receive new listings and price changes instantly (not 24 hours later like the “other guys”). You’ll receive correct home search info too, straight from the Athens GA MLS.

The Athens GA area is actually served by two separate MLS systems : The Classic MLS and the GAMLS. The Classic MLS focuses mainly on Athens GA and Oconee County GA (Watkinsville, GA Bogart, GA, Bishop GA, Farmington GA). The GAMLS covers all the areas between Athens and Atlanta (Madison County GA, Barrow County GA, Jackson County, Banks County, Oglethorpe County GA,  & Oconee County GA just to name a few).

It is important to use an agent who belongs to both MLS systems. Not all Athens GA real estate agents belong to both, and this could cause you to miss out on a listing that was entered into only one system. If you are selling your home, it is essential that you ask what MLS system your home will be entered in. If your agent isn’t listing them in both, you are short changing your pool of potential buyers.

If you’d like to search homes in both the Athens GA classic MLS and the GAMLS, our system covers both. Search HERE.

Let us know if you’d like to be set up on instant  Athens MLS home search alerts. 

Still have questions about how the MLS systems will affect the sale of your Athens GA home? Give us a call, text, or email.


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